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Welcome to Tracy's Trip !

Tracy & Dave Get Married !: Hear us getting married at Toronto's Old City Hall - December 30, 1994
Greg back at the Hotel...: (We didn't tell him )
Keith & KC's New Year's Eve 1994-95: (We didn't tell them either !)
Sam : He came over the next day (we didn't tell him either !)


Death Row Inmates And The Death Penalty
America is the only country in the free western world that still executes its own citizens. This is my page against capital punishment.
Most citizens of the province of Ontario, Canada support . . . HARRISCIDE ! ! !
Cannabis/ Hemp/ Marijuana
Info and links on everything from recreational use, medicinal use, and how hemp can 'save the world!'
Anti-Racist, Anti-Fascist sites
Here's where to go to fight the boneheads and uneducated masses with education.
under construction
Feminism/ Women's Issues
Mostly links to all sorts of feminist resources, from search engines to essays.
Wiccan and Pagan, Links
Links to the best- Wicca, tarot, divination, and much more.
Tracy's Travel Guide To Europe
Tips, warnings, advice, and more, to help with planning a trip to Europe. Email me with your stories!
Beatles Links From Tracy Lamourie
Wading through the myriad of Beatles sites on the Web? Here's the discerning fans guide.
Dave Parkinson's Page
This is another great site !
Great Kids Sites
Here is a list of fun and educational standouts for kids online!
Good political links, focus on Canada.
Here's a master list of worthy groups and causes! Get involved !
Intellectual Intercourse
Here's where you can find links to some of our favourite thinkers.

Tracy Lamourie

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