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This page is dedicated to exposing the darker side of Christianity. While I completely respect those who attempt to use such beliefs for good, there are far too many (in the past and more currently) who seem to do just the opposite. Below you will find informative sites as well as some that will link you to some of the most extreme NASTY so called CHRISTIANS...Be forewarned when entering those, they are very offensive.


Atrocities of The Christian Church
The Christian Horror Picture Show
Drawings, photos, and representations of nasty things the Christian Church has done over the centuries.
List of People Murdered By God
There are thousands listed...and thats only the ones ACTUALLY DOCUMENTED in the BIBLE !
Religious Groups Policies Toward Homosexuals and Homosexuality
A nice list that gives you the rundown of just how intolerant each church is!


A Christian's Guide To Small Arms
Ummm...the title says it all. This is an link to an actual self-professed Christian who is selling a book telling just want kind of weaponry God WANTS them to buy.
Strategy To Stop Legalized Abortion
Even those of you who may disagree with abortion may be SHOCKED at this site. Basically, the strategy is to secede from the US via nuclear warfare. This is not a joke.
Creators' Rights' Party Song Site
This would just be funny if it didn't express so much hate. A man who seems to be under the impression that he has some sort of musical talent sings "christian" songs in Real Audio. I'm sorry!
Jack Chick
You know those little comics you find on subways? Here's info on the psycho himself.

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